Systems Furniture

If you’re looking for a collaborate workspace and sustainability, systems furniture will be an integral part of your interior design.

Proper execution of systems furniture design creates workspaces that improve employee productivity by encouraging collaborative work. The proper systems furniture setup will break down barriers between employees when necessary, but can also be modular, creating privacy when folks need to do heads-down work.

That same modular construction means that lowered or removed panels can allow daylight to enter deeper into a room and enhance outside views. An office with lots of natural light is an office employees enjoy being in.

The most important aspect of systems furniture and cubicle solutions is having a plan up front. These systems are usually an exercise in maximizing space. Setting up cubicles without a master plan is a recipe for wasted space. Office Furniture Eugene starts every systems furniture installation by interviewing you and your staff to determine needs and coming onto your job site to make sure we understand the space available. With this information in hand, we design an efficient and beautiful layout for your office.