High-Density Mobile Storage / Filing Systems

Businesses with hefty storage requirements are often fighting against square footage as their needs scale. From government offices to libraries to industrial parts suppliers, mass storage can be an issue.

At Office Furniture Eugene, we specialize in planning, sourcing, and installing storage and filing systems. Our wide variety of storage options can go vertical, horizontal, high-density, and even accommodate corners if need be. We also have mobile storage options so that frequently accessed files and documents can make their way around the office wherever they’re needed. Proper storage for your needs can cut space requirements by 50% to 60%, and Office Furniture Eugene is here to help.

Not only are we equipped to plan and design these storage systems, but our unmatched access to hundreds of suppliers means we can source high-density storage systems for a wide variety of goods, including:

  • Industrial parts, large and small
  • Retail goods
  • File folders
  • Archival records
  • Art collections
  • Museum specimens
  • Evidence
  • Pharmaceuticals and hospital inventory

If it’s time for a new storage solution at your place of work, contact Office Furniture Eugene to begin an assessment.

Moving Aisle Systems

If your business is required to hold onto hard copies of documents for many years, you know how vital storage is to keeping overhead low.

One of the most efficient document storage solutions is a moving aisle system. Moving aisle systems maximize aisle space, providing tons of storage space for documents or small items. If you need to maximize your storage footprint, this is the system you want.

Moving aisle systems are also frequently used as “part pick stations”. Document shelves are replaced with sliding drawers to hold parts. These low maintenance systems can also be outfit with plastic or wire bins, hangers, roll storage and more – whatever is required to meet your storage needs.

But these systems aren’t without considerations! The Office Furniture Eugene team is equipped to assess your space and determine a suitable storage system for your situation. For example, the floor of the space intended for the moving aisle storage system must be rated to hold the weight.

We’re also ready to handle the nuances of high-density storage system installation. We may facilitate cutting channels into concrete, installing a steel deck directly onto the floor, or installing a wall-mounted guide system. In short, proper planning is required for safe and optimal installation of moving aisle systems. Trust Office Furniture Eugene to get the job done.

Our systems have many options, including:

  • Custom design assistance
  • Modular components for design freedom
  • Locking carriages
  • Supported widths from 34″ – 66″
  • Supported heights up to 108″
  • Recycled steel content (40%) and a document-safe finishes without volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment

Putting these systems in the Pacific Northwest comes with its own set of requirements that we’re very familiar with. Our installations will comply with local seismic building codes, anchorage and anti-tip specs and ADA requirements.

We can work directly with you, our client, or prime contractors for mobile aisle system installs in both new buildings and tenant improvements scenarios. We provide wet signature drawings and calculations required for permits when necessary, and our seismic engineering service team can assist in floor strengthening recommendations if installation is expected on upper floors or above a sub-building garage.

Installing mobile aisle systems and other high-density storage solutions is no small feat, so trust the experts at Office Furniture Eugene to get the job done right and fast. Contact us today to start your consultation.