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C-Leg 60x24 Laminate Desk with Partial Modesty
Corporate Offices
Indoff is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri serves the needs of both Industry and the Office.  Vertical divisions include: Material Handling, Commercial Interiors, Promotional Products, Commercial Printing, Commercial Appliances, Energy and Lighting.  We fulfill practically every purchasing need a business could face. Our customers are in distribution, healthcare, education, legal, engineering, manufacturing, and government.

Business Model
Our business model is unique.  Indoff is different.  We are a tele-worker company.  Our Corporate office is comprised of about 100, 8am to 6pm, employees and the remainder are W2 employees remotely located in the field.  A warehouse capable of receiving is strategically located in each market.  Employees share in the company profits.  Job problems can be rectified at the lowest levels of management.  We are a swift, competitive company, with deep vendor and customer relationships.
Services Description
Engineered Solutions Provider
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