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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" ~Benjamin Franklin
Announcing Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Services

Have you been experiencing neck, wrist or shoulder pain while working?  If so, you may have a triggereing event for Musculo Skeletal Disorders (or MSDs).  A $300 evaluation from a Certified Ergonomist could help reduce or eliminate MSDs.  Workplace MSD's average over $20k in potential medical bills, lost wages, and productivity.
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Approxiamate Weight 530 lbs
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Winter is back...
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•  Consult-  we ask questions about the functions, features, and finish.
•  Design-  Your ideas take shape.
•  Source- we go about finding the products you need to fullfill the design.
•  Install- whether you choose to receive and assemble the project yourself or prefer
professional installers -- Indoff can help.
•  Financing-  with Indoff Capitol
Systems Furniture
"Projects can be cheap, effective, or on-time -- pick two." 
~ Drummond Kahn, City of Portland Director of Audit Services
Recently the City of Portland's Auditor reviewed the cities performance
regarding bid to build projects.  In a nutshell, this is what he had to say -
out of 258 projects, 194 were over-paid.  It's my belief that the Purchasing
Departments status quo has stymied the planning process. If they had
better planners and involved more consultants -- overpayment is less
likely to occur. Want to stay in budget?  Better call Indoff.

•  Budgeting & Specification
•  Delivery & Installation
•  Design Planning
•  Reconfiguration services of new or old systems or cubicles
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Indoff is a 41 year old US Company that distributes commercial furnishings and material handling products and represents thousands of manufacturers for technical
products of all types.  Indoff has the experience in design, and purchasing, to make your workplace furnishings experience quick and pain-free. 

We're committed to sustainable and practical solutions that meet your needs - by defining spaces through collaboration.  Like a true partner, we do this by balancing
our expertise with the features you need for the perfect work space.

Corporate single sourcing through Indoff will give your company a decided advantage for all of your purchasing needs.  We have the subject matter experts you need
for the things you infrequently purchase.

One call can change everything.
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