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You get a huge choice of tables with Indoff.  Choose core material, surface type, leg style, edge designs, adjustability, and mobility are all variable and available from Indoff - Oregon.  You have an unlimited range of colors that can be combined with 1,000s of base - each of which can be customized to your unique needs. 

Table types include: Training, Task Tables, Standard Folding Tables, Rolling Tables, Flip Top tables,
Nesting Tables, split fold tables, Breakroom & Hospitality Tables, Conference Tables, Lab Tables,
Metal Tables, Laminate Tables, Wood Tables, Wood Veneer Tables, Marble & Granite Tables,
Chemical Resistant Top Tables, Aluminum tables, and list goes on.
Tables and Table Bases
C-Leg & T-Leg Laminate Top Tables
4 Post Leg Tables
Tell us which style best appeals to you and we can provide numerous comparisons to similiar products with different prices.
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Give us a call, tell us what you have in mind.
We’ll provide a variety of choices, at different budget levels.
Post Leg Tables
C-Leg & T-Leg Tables
Flip Top Tables
Flip Top Tables
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Plastic Hollow Core
Thermofuse Laminate
High Pressure Laminate
Chermical Resistant
Stainless Steel
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Southen Aluminum Swirl Tables
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Table legs include:

●  “C-Leg” the leg looks like a “C”, giving better leg clearance (often used in training tables) does not come in a folding style.
●  “T-Leg” the leg looks like an upside down “T” comes in folding styles and fixed.
●  “Wishbone-Leg” the leg looks like a upside down wishbone, folding style only.
●  “H-Leg” the leg looks like a “T”, support to the center of the table.  Comes in both folding style and fixed.
●  “Taper-Leg” the leg is larger in diameter at the top and tapers as it goes to the floor.  Comes both folding and fixed.
●  Tubular Legs, typically at the corners, either straight or with curves.
●  Adjustable height (pin adjust, crank adjust, pneumatic adjust, electric adjust)
●  Flip top and nestable - You are able to push units together to save space
●  Smaller tables can be support with small columns with disk or X bases.
●  Larger tables typically need multiple support that can include cylinders, legs, ½ cylinders, or slabs
●  Table heights can vary too, for example, hospitality tables can be at standing height.
●  Edge details can include PVC, T-Mold, Bullnose, Wood, Metal, Self Edge, Rolled Edge, and more…
●  Bases can have glides (including self leveling glides), casters (some with concealed casters)
●  Accessories include grommets, modesty panels, wire management, table connectors, and power/data options.