Stools can be configured any way you can imagine; they can come with backs or without, arms or armless, casters or glides, standard vinyl - Health Grade and ESD.
Tell us which style best appeals to you and we can provide numerous comparisons to similiar products with different prices.

Restaurant & Medical Grade Stools
R002 - KI Lab Stools
medical grade
adjustable stools
medical stool with arm specialty
medical leg rest stool
Height adjustabile polyurethane seat with a hard plastic base and low glides
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Basic Bucket Bar Stool
Padded Seat Stools for Offices
Classic Stools
Modern Bar Stools
Acrylic Edgy Bar Stools
Basic Bucket Swivel Bar Stools
floor mount stools
floor mount stools
Architectual Grade Stools MSRP $510 / $333 Landed
Architectual Grade High Stools
The COOLEST STOOLS around town
are found right here