Sit to Stand Workstations
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Adjustable height desks are "the rage" in any modern office setting.  Sit-to-stand desks are electric powered;
they also come in a hand crank, pneumatic, and pin engineering. Standing desks burn more calories, increase
circulation, improve morale and productivity. 

Sit when you get home - what a change!  One of the great things about this product is -- WE MAY BE ABLE TO
RE-USE your existing desk top.

Ask us how we might can reduce cost and "think green" about your new desk.

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R0013-  Desktop Mounted Sit-to-Stand Stations
Desktop Mounted Adjustable Arms
Two Column Electric or Crank Height Adjustable Desks
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Ergotron Wall Mounted Workstation as seen at McKenzie-Willamette Urgent Care Florence
Wall Mounted Stations
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Once you go to a standing desk -- you'll never go back to sitting all day.
2 Column Base Required
2 Column Base Required

3 Column Bases Required
3 Column Bases Required