School Furnishings
School and Classroom furniture needs to be sized properly and be extremely durable.  From Indoff - Oregon, you get a broad selection of furniture, desks, folding tables, signage, combination sound suppression and PA system, marker boards, outdoor furniture, portable partitions, benches, auditorium seating and more.  We are a local source, ready to provide personal, on-site service combined with excellent post-installation support.

Furnishing schools is more than just picking items from a catalog.  You are personalizing your school.  Your selections should support and enhance the learning experience and teaching environment.  With proper choices, you give students, teachers and parents a sense of place, community, ownership, comfort, aesthetics and privacy.  Plus you can combine technology with ergonomics. 

Indoff is the resource you need to make the best with your money.  Indoff Oregon boasts an impressive 100% "in-budget" project policy.  Call us today.

0162 - Student Desks with easy chair-off-floor design
Aluminum Bleachers
ERG Student Lounge Furniture
Symbiote Lab Furniture
computer lab desks
Tell us about your project?  What are you looking for?  We provide quick and friendly help to get guided to the right product.
KI - Cafeteria Tables
ScholarCraft - Student Desk Chair Combinations
Luxor - White Boards
Administrative Office Furniture
Systems Furniture, Panels, or Cubicles
Student Desks & Chairs
Student Computer Labs
Student Lounge
Bleachers and mass seating
Dry Erase White Boards
Cafeteria Tables
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