Outdoor furniture is typically made from Resin, Metal, Wicker or Wood.

Resin is generally a sturdy, low-cost option that is simple to clean. Resin furniture is frequently made from recycled materials and outlasts other materials that might split or corrode making it a wise environmental choice.

Metal outdoor furniture is primarily aluminum and iron. Aluminum is better than iron at withstanding the elements unless the iron is sprayed with a powder-coated, weather-resistant paint.

Wicker is another traditional option associated with an older generation of outdoor enthusiasts. However, because it does not wear as well as other surfaces, it is not typically used in commercial settings.

Wood has the most options available. Pine, acacia, cedar, redwood, cypress and teak are typical choices. Price is a good indicator of quality. Wooden furniture will not keep the same color year after year, but will change gradually to various shades of gray depending on the type of wood from which it is made.

Regardless of your setting, Indoff - Oregon has comprehensive outdoor furniture options.  As part of your organization plan, include outdoor furnishings for staff to break and collaborate outdoors as successfully as indoors, taking consideration and advantage of the different weather conditions of your area.
0179 - Outdoor Furniture - Aluminum Stacking Chair
0180 - Outdoor Furniture - Metal Bench with Built-in Logo, Memorial or Design

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