Like everything else in the world of furnishings, we ask "what do you want?"  Benches come surface mount, in-ground, and freestanding, they are made from cement, wood, composite materials, plastic, and or metal. Benches can be specified with arms or without, with a back or backless, with design or plain, with anti-skateboard tabs or without, and of course graffitti resistant or not.
Powder Coated Wrought Iron Arm Bench with Custom Back- Surface Mounted
Armless Wood (or Composite Wood) Slat Bench- Surface Mounted
Architecture Grade Armless / Backless Concrete Bench
Armless / Backless Freestanding Cedar Bench
Composite Surface Mount Bench w-Back
Iron Surface Mount Bench w-Back & Arms
Wood Free Standing Bench
Concrete Bench
Tell us which style best appeals to you and we can provide numerous comparisons to similiar products with different prices.
Your building may be grand.  As basic as benches seem, they support positive lingering and contribute to your employees' outdoor life.  Employees have places to eat lunch.  Carpool & bus riders have places to wait.  And for those promoting collaboration, it provides a great rendezvous point.

Portable benches are available so that they can be moved to areas they are most needed.

Plus, benches don't need to be boring.
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