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U-Shape Desk
Extra Large U-Shape Desk
U Desks & Other Desk Shapes
As you can imagine, desks come in countless shapes.  Here are samples of U-shaped desks with different tops.

Tell us which style best appeals to you and we can provide numerous comparisons to similiar products with different prices.
Freestanding Curved Wing, no modesty, Systems Furniture
U-Shape Desk with Overhead Storage & Extended side
U-Shape Bow Front Desk, full modesty, with Hutch
Shared U-Shape Desk, full modesty, with Tackboard, Hutch & Shared Bullet Desk.
Kidney Shape Teachers Desk, full modesty, and 4 Box Files
U-Shape P-Top Desk with Hutch, Personal Storage, & Kidney Side Table.
P-Top Desk
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U-Shape Desk
Kidney Shaped Desk
Shared U-Shape Desk
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