Porta-Fab Glass In Plant Modular Buildings
Portafab Guard Shacks
Is this an indoor or outdoor building?  Bullet proof or security building?  Does it require a load bearing roof?  What about windows and doors?  How many and where?  Do you need a sound coeficient?  Is it a "clean" environment?  Before we get you a price, it's going to take a good conversation about what you need.  Prepare for a 10-15 minute survey when you call.
Portafab Quick Ship 16 x 16 Buildings
Starrco Demountable Walls
PortaFab Glass Waiting Shelters
Modular Buildings

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These quotes are involved; they take time.
Indoor - 2 Story Building
1 Story w- Safety Bollards
Portable Walls
Bus Shelters
Guard Shacks