Indoff serves both Industry and Office, since 1973, and employs 529 seasoned commercial interior and material handling professionals.  Each manager is socially tethered one to another, through Indoffs proprietary Confluence Network.  This unique system allows managers to collaborate, process orders, and take care of customers in a fluid and expediant manner.

Indoff's vertical markets are:
commercial interiors, material handling, alternative energy, lighting, promotional products, commercial appliances, and more.

Indoff is-  a commercial furniture and material handling products dealer with emplloyees throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Indoff is-  a sourcing agent for
enterprise class business including financial institutions, call centers, real estate, material manufacturers, production facilities and more.

Indoff is- a materials contract provider for facilities and plant departments throughout the Community Health Systems network of hospitals (McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, in Springfield Oregon).  Indoff frequently
consults with IT Professionals and medical staff about ergonomic stations, seating, and more. 
Ron Swanson at McKenzie-Willamette Hospital Installing Equipment
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