9-5 Cortina
High-Back, Vinyl or Leather Conference Chair, Loop Polished Arms & Base
Mid-Back Eco Upholstery Tilt-Swivel Conference Chair with Head Rest, Loop Arms
High Back
Mid Back
Mid-Back Red Leather, Swivel-Tilt Conference Chair, Loop Polished Chrome Arms & Base

High-Back Leather Mahogany Conference Chair
with Memory Foam, Wood Loop Arms & Wood Base
Conference Chairs
Conference chairs should be comfortable, edgy, and have very
few adjustment features.  This means fewer interuptions during
the meeting.  Conference rooms are also the place in which puts
a "face to your business."  The chairs, the table, the paint on the
walls, your taste in art, samples or models of your companies
finest products, video and computer equipment, etc.  If your
looking for comfortable, quality, affordable chairs from a
reputable national dealer -- call Indoff.  We have thousands of
chairs to choose from...

Tell us what you like and we'll provide you with chairs to try
out and compare.

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Rated for 400 lbs !
Mid-Back Fully Upholstery Tilt-Swivel Conference Chair with Upholstered Loop Arms