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Hercules 400 lb Rated Task Chair
400 lb Rated Mesh Back Chair
500 lb Rated Task Chair
500 lb Rated Ergo Chair
350 lb Rated Task Chair
350 lb Rated Chair
1000 lb chair from OFM
1,000 lb Rated Guest Chair
Boss 300 lb rated task chair $180
300 lb Rated Mid-back Chair
750 lb Rated Custom Bariatric Chair
Welcome to BIG CHAIR country

Indoff is the largest single source for bariatric chairs in the Unites States. 

Here's the rule: basic chairs are engineered to seat a person weighing no more than 250 pounds.  What does that mean for the rest of us?  Where can you buy a chair that's rated for more than 250 pounds?  Indoff.  Take a look at these ratings.  The Boss chair has excellent lower back support.  The seat pan dimensions will vary with each brand.  Speak to your local Ergonomist - or call today - for free assistance in selecting a chair.

Pick a chair to start and call us -- we'll talk more.  It's as simple as that.

400 lb rated chair from OFM
400 lb Rated Conference Chair
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