Where are the prices?

Indoff is a dealer for commercial interior
and material handling products.
All prices are contingent on product availability (supply and demand) and add to
that the distance (freight).  As you can imagine, in our world of lightning speed
computers, we know when certain product inventories run low.  The result is a
price increase.  if there is only a quantity of one left in Seattle, prices will vary
when comparing to the same product in Houston (or Reno).  Because of this ever
changing price structure, we do not post prices knowing full well that todays price
may fall (or rise) next month.

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Call us today at 541-359-4570 for a personal review of your needs.

All products and systems are based on your specific needs including color, size, fabric grade, finish, quantity, timeline, etc.  Once your order is placed, delivery can vary from 5 days to several weeks.  Your
Project Manager keeps you informed of these details.
Indoff represents over hundreds of manufacturers; customers take a variety of approaches in working with us.  Some prefer a personal touch where they provide information on function, feature, and style, of
what they need -- we provide all the details and purchase options.  Other customers make purchases through a web site that Indoff creates just for you containing predtermined products at predetermined rates. 
For example, customers buy the same chair over and over tomorrow.  With an Indoff Direct web site it means you can approve the prices in advance of any purchasing.

Terms of Sale
Standard terms are net 15 days, with collections beginning at 30 days. The credit manager has the authority to approve different terms based on the customer’s size, financial stability and payment history with
Indoff.  COD terms are not accepted.
Government organizations are entitled with an immediate line of credit with Indoff.  Ask your representative for details.