Cobalt Building Interior Plans
Conception & Planning
Drawings and Product Summary Sheets
Instructions for Download and use:

1)  Click on the image below
2)  Wait for the pop-up file to appear on screen at 100%
3)  To download you can either use your right mouse button to "save as" or move your cursor to the bottom lower right hand
corner of the web page until this menu appears.  Select the floppy disc to save.

4)  Once downloaded, there are internal pdf links that can be used by rolling over floor plan furnishing images in red.
5)  Exterior hyper links appear in the upper right hand corner of some pages in plain text.  These links will direct you off the pdf
and into the internet to view the manufacturers web site.
6)  To zoom while in the pdf, hold down the "Ctrl" button while simultaneously rolling the wheel on your mouse.
7)  Anytime you see the Indoff Logo you can click on it to return to the Table of Contents page.
Thank you for allowing Indoff to specify products for the Cobalt Building.